The true wine experience.

Cinquième - La Maison du Vin aims to be the curator of exquisite wines for wine connoisseurs.

Cinquième embodies the 5 senses working together to savor an extraordinary experience, from the vine to the wine bottle. Cinquième is the Fifth Essence, bringing together past and future oenological experiences, deeply personal and connected through a glass of wine - and some appetizers.

We select exquisite wines for true connoisseurs of good nectars.

Cinquième is based in Fribourg, delivering selected wines, from the most sought-after European countries, to all Swiss customers. The new Cinquième site is launched to cater to those customers who already know what they like and those who want to discover hidden treasures among European wines.

Founded in 2021, it has expanded its catalog to include choices to suit all tastes. What is your Essence?