european wine regions


Explore our selected Regions.

With differences that vary according to terroir, climate, altitude and available grape varieties, each region of each selected country for the Cinquième Catalog brings new surprises and pleasures to discover.
Portugal and its Regions Renowned for its winemaking history spanning several centuries, Portugal brings a very interesting diversity to the table of wine connoisseurs: from Vinho Verde to Vinho Alentejano, from Porto to Vinho do Dão. EXPLORE WINES FROM PORTUGAL
Spain and its Regions In Spain, with its diversified soils and very high temperatures in some regions, the Mediterranean climate tempers the conditions of Spanish vineyards and creates wines with a soul of sea and land, worthy of being opened for celebrations and sunsets. EXPLORE WINES FROM SPAIN
France and its Regions A country renowned for the production of wine, France has some of the most famous regions in the world, with very particular tastes and for all occasions. EXPLORE WINES FROM FRANCE
France and its Regions EXPLORE WINES FROM FRANCE
Switzerland and its Regions Its altitude, the temperatures’ span, the valleys protected by the mountainous morphology and the specific grape varieties of each region make Swiss wines worthy of discovery. EXPLORE WINES FROM SWITZERLAND
Italy and its Regions Due to its Mediterranean climate and diversified soils, Italy produces wines that are different from those found in other regions, and that prove to be strange and extraordinary for new tasters. EXPLORE WINES FROM ITALY